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Hello, I'm Kyle. I'm a software developer interested in many things ranging from app development and game development, to modding and QOL improvements.

On here you will find all of the work I've done over the years, whether it be a personal project, a college project, or professional work. 

On the header above you will find links to navigate to my portfolio, or my resume.


Isolated Intelligence




A 2 player online cooperative puzzle game using grappling ropes and physics. Made using Unity Engine version 2018.2.5f.

- Made in conjunction with 9 other people over the course of 8 months.

- Role was a programmer for systems and tools, network management, as well as refining physics, gameplay, and bug fixing.

Highlights Include:

- Created the Network Manager that was responsible for interfacing with photon and managing the networking for the games.

- Designed and Implemented a menu manager in collaboration with a fellow member. Created cutscene camera cutting tool as well as a spline tool.


Kart Racer




A 4 player LAN combat racer using Unreal's null subsystem.  Made using UE version 4.16.

- Made in conjunction with 4 other people over the course of 4 months.

- Role was a programmer who was responsible for the special abilities for the combat, as well as the replication and making sure everything syncs up correctly - including the physics. Special abilities were modular, and used sockets to attach the appropriate model to the top of the vehicle.

- Tesla and Mortar were the only specials completed due to time constraints.






A work-in-progress project that I was developing to test making a modular gun part system. The desired gameplay is a mix of Devil Daggers (endless timed survivial), and Doom (pickups).

So far I have only completed a second iteration of my design and implementation for the part system, and created a basic First-Person camera. The current iteration uses parenting and recursion to either step down or up the chain of parts, as well as socketing for part positioning (offset to transform positions).

(Post Last updated March 2019)

(Progress has been ongoing and was last updated July 2020).

I'll update this post and i,nfo soon with all the new progress.


FPS Tech Demo Project




Using a framework provided and worked on over my second year, I created an FPS tech demo game for my final project. You shot projectiles at devils that spawned.

Made completely in Visual Studio using OpenGL, Bullet Physics Engine, and ImGUI.

Highlights of mine Include but not limited to:

- First Person Camera.

- Scene Management system.

- Saving and Loading of the player and enemies, and their positions using cJSON.

- Materials (Albedo, Normals, Diff and Spec Intensity).

- Custom Lighting System/shader (multiple lights, different colors etc.).

- Custom UI System that was partially inspired from Unity.

- Custom Player Controller with physics calculations for slopes. 

- Implemented normal mapping.

- Implemented post processing, which included: bloom, greyscale, inverting, etc.

- Partially implemented differed rendering, but was never able to complete it (use test mode).  


Custom ECS Project




Using the opportunity of Ubisoft's NEXT competition and the given API, I did a 3-day game jam and created an ECS that worked for what I wanted. It was my first time creating one, so I had to spend a lot of time researching and using references.

- Used smart pointers (unique) for my data management and vectors.

- Used bitwise when adding components for efficiency when iterating with conditions.

- Created a manager that used templates in order to Update or Render (systems had to subscribe to either of them).


Tower Defense




- N/A

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